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The Real Mastermind

Throughout history the British deep state has been in command of the dajjali system as a power above governments, laws, state policies, and elected leaders. While true leaders worked for peace, the British deep state ignited wars; while countries worked to develop and prosper in peace, the British deep state hindered their efforts, divided them and caused instability through riots and military coups. It sowed seeds of animosity between communities that had previously lived together in peace. The mastermind behind the real decisions, wars, unrest and disturbance has always been this deep structure. No one and no system have ever been able to defy or stop the British deep state. Until now.

idd en 637 iIstanbul BogazKoprusu The Real Mastermind

The British deep state is about to come face to face with an undeniable truth; one it has prepared itself against for years: the appearance of the Mahdi (pbuh). For centuries, the British deep state has worked relentlessly to prevent this emergence; it changed borders, brought down empires and pitted brothers against brothers. It wrongly assumed that through sly plots, it could thwart the inevitable. However, its ostensible success is not enough to stop the Mahdi’s (pbuh) emergence. Right now the Mahdi (pbuh) is present in the world and very soon the world will witness his appearance.

Perhaps for the first time in its history, the British deep state is defeated. It is because it failed to understand that there is a Mind above all masterminds. The true Mastermind, the One Who controls all other minds, the One Who plans all plans, is our Almighty Lord, God. No power can prevail over God’s plans. The plans of God supersede all plots.

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The ostensible victories of the British deep state should not fool anyone. The truth is no plan is independent of God. This source of menace is only a tool used by God to reveal the dajjal. Now, after for so long wrongly believing that it had absolute power, the British deep state will see that Almighty God has the sole control and power. It will not be able to stop the flow of destiny and will come to understand that there will be no room for plots or conspiracies in a world where the influence of the Mahdi (pbuh) prevails. The peaceful and loving winds of the Mahdi system will sweep away the violence of the British deep state, introduce peace to the world and correct the minds that had previously surrendered to the dajjali influence.

For this reason, hearts can be at ease. Any careful eye can discern that the obstacles in the path of the Mahdi system are being removed one by one. The threat of the British deep state will end soon. God will surely make the believers and the good people victorious.

God has written, “I will be victorious, I and My Messengers.” God is Most Strong, Almighty. (Qur’an, 58:21)

idd en 639 Eskiistanbul 1 The Real Mastermind
idd en 639 Eskiistanbul 2 The Real Mastermind
Istanbul in late 1800s

They said “Glory be to You!
We have no knowledge except what You have taught us.
You are the All-Knowing, the All-Wise.”
(Qur’an, 2: 32)

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