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Occupation of Istanbul, the last Ottoman Parliament and the National Pact

The occupation of Izmir further sped up the Anatolian independence campaign and provided it with more supporters. The Erzurum Congress of July-August 1919 and Sivas Congress of September 1919 were the first platforms where the representative groups for the Turkish Nation first appeared. In almost every Anatolian city, resistance groups …

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The British Deep State’s Approach to the Sultanate and Plans for the Future of the Ottoman Empire

During WWI, British Prime Minister Lloyd George said that all Arabic speaking lands should be taken from the Ottoman Empire and placed under mandate and that Turks should have certain parts of Anatolia, but no European territory at all. He maintained that Turks should be given no part in the …

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Social Engineering

Deep states, in their quest to exploit countries, mold public opinions and establish their influence around the world, consider wars, military campaigns, civil unrest and political interventions as useful methods. However, they believe that for these methods to be truly effective and have lasting results, they need to be coupled …

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The Rise of the British Deep Mafia Structuring

(The noble Turkish nation is above all these accusations and allegations.) Black Propaganda Rages on as the Ottoman Empire Begins to Lose Ground In the beginning of this chapter, it was explained how the British deep state chose the Ottoman Empire and the Turks as its primary targets beginning in …

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The Only Solution to the Armenian Issue is Love and Unity

Quite possibly, no one can appreciate better the destruction caused by the incidents that took place during WWI, or the horrible aftermath of the fraternal fight, than the Armenians and the Turks. Both sides suffered great losses. Indeed, mass graves still exist in the region. It is because these two …

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6. British Spies in the Ottoman Empire

British ambassadors, consuls and diplomats merit special consideration in any study regarding the activities of the British deep state in the Ottoman Empire. These officers, who were in the Ottoman lands supposedly to serve as diplomats, were most often working as spies. Indeed, they immensely helped the British deep state …

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