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7. Sycophants of the British Deep State

Throughout its history, the British deep state has seen hypocrites as its most effective tool in its never-ending quest of gaining control over different regions, of inciting riots, staging coups, of overthrowing governments and spreading perverted ideologies. After identifying a country as a target, the British deep state actively seeks …

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What Sort of Deep Power?

Deep states are covert systems established by lawless groups that infiltrate state systems and take control of governments. Resisting change sometimes through violence and sometimes through propaganda, these institutions pursue their own agendas and do not answer to legal authorities. They act above the laws and legal state institutions because …

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The Rise of the Deep Mafia Structuring

The British deep state is an atheist organization with a long history. Its ultmate goal is spreading its dajjal-inspired, anti-religious ideology all around the world and making England a country that rules the entire world. Elements of the British deep state, throughout history, maintained this devious system under various guises …

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