The Rise of the Deep Mafia Structuring

The British deep state is an atheist organization with a long history. Its ultmate goal is spreading its dajjal-inspired, anti-religious ideology all around the world and making England a country that rules the entire world. Elements of the British deep state, throughout history, maintained this devious system under various guises and resorted to dark methods to achieve control around the world. Sometimes, they gained control of various countries from within, sometimes they achieved influence over the jurisprudence, military or educational systems or the media of countries and caused law violations and conflicts. Starting mayhem in countries, building orange revolutions, pioneering military coups, and sometimes even directly organizing such coups, exploiting the media and even the legal system to try and create polarization in the society in a bid to achieve control over administrations, have been some of the main targets of the British deep state. The said deep powers have decided that the most effective method of disintegrating societies is weakening their spiritual and moral values and traditions. That is why they have developed methods such as spreading irreligion, encouraging moral decline, making traditions and customs obsolete and spreading sexual perversion in the societies they target.

idd 027 Somurge The Rise of the Deep Mafia Structuring
The British deep state acts on the premise of the ‘supremacy of races’, which gave rise to many disasters including racism and colonialism. However, the so-called ‘supremacy of races’ is nothing but a fabricated concept produced by the deep state and certainly has no validity in the Sight of God.

To attain these goals, the British deep state works in liaison with the respective deep structures of the targeted countries and employs various methods to give its members the ability to infiltrate deep into the society. They have certain methods they use to achieve this goal, the most common of which include sending people to the countries they target in the capacity of ambassadors, government representatives, officers, soldiers or journalists, all for the purpose of creating an effective intelligence system. Throughout history, they have installed spies in the states that they planned to bring down, including the Ottoman Empire, and slyly furthered their agenda. They also formed dirty alliances with various circles in the targeted countries and carried out wide-scale efforts to this end. They deliberately sought out unqualified, greedy people with sycophantic tendencies, who particularly admired the British culture. The spying activities of these people set the stage for many destructive projects planned by a formidable power like the British deep state. Today, the situation hasn’t changed. Even though the United States of America seems to be the super power, it has actually been under the influence of the British deep state for a very long time and still seems to be so. The insidious plans of the British deep state are particularly evident in the Middle East and Africa as the volatility of the situation in the region increases. Though there appears to be other players in the background, the deep plan that seeks to completely disintegrate the Middle East to create small countries that are open to exploitation has always belonged to the British deep state.

idd 030 Emperyal The Rise of the Deep Mafia Structuring
Convinced in the supremacy of its own race, the British deep state has always dreamed of gathering the entire world under a British kingdom.
idd 031 Emperyal AnglosaksonIrkcilik The Rise of the Deep Mafia Structuring
The British deep state has always dreamed of a purely Anglo-Saxon world state, living under a single flag and a single empire.

The British deep state, as a part of its domination plan, used colonialism as a primary method. Acting with the premise of racial superiority, it applied colonization like never seen before in the history of the world. It played a significant role in the colonization of Africa, as the companies built by British merchants organized activities to further this goal. These companies acquired large territories in the respective countries, which in time gave them a position of influence capable of starting wars and making peace as the regional countries came completely under their control. After being vested with extensive authorities by the administrations of those countries, they became almost individual states themselves.

The British deep state sought to weaken the targeted countries from within and to this purpose, didn’t refrain from fueling separatist sentiments amongst minority groups or secretly supporting terrorist organizations. Similar activities of the deep states currently continue in full force.

Some of the intelligence services of the world states actually operate under the control of their respective deep states. The US and some of the units of the CIA, blamed for almost everything that is going on around the world today, are actually, albeit unwillingly or unknowingly, unable to deviate from the decisions of the British deep state, just like many other countries and their respective intelligence services.

idd 026 Somurge The Rise of the Deep Mafia Structuring
No other power in history has used colonialism as extensively as the British deep state has.

Certain officers and people in key positions sent to the Middle East have mostly been specifically chosen and trained by the British deep state. A background check on these people will easily reveal how they were mostly trained in colleges training spies for the intelligence units of the deep state. These people can come to strong positions and even become the leaders of their countries in the Middle East. This allows the management of the resources, facilities and plans of the respective countries to remain in line with those of the British deep state.

All this makes it clear that any analysis of world events requires a deeper examination rather than the typical approach of putting the blame on the USA, various governments, leaders or secret services. Such a thorough observation will always point in the direction of the British deep state and how they have been loyal to the strategic plans they devised centuries ago. It should be kept in mind that the current developments around the world, such as wars, uprisings, poverty, immigration, moral decline, spread of irreligion, loss of spirituality and other similar incidents that lead to collapse, are not happening spontaneously and are rather following patterns shaped according to the plans made centuries ago behind closed doors.

idd 029 kitlik The Rise of the Deep Mafia Structuring
The people of the exploited countries suffered many deadly famines.
idd en 029 Kitlik DeadlyFamines The Rise of the Deep Mafia Structuring

Having said that, one point should be particularly kept in mind: no matter how horrible, or wide-scaled the plans behind closed doors, and no matter how systemically they are being implemented, the power belongs solely to God. God creates all those plans. No matter how insidious the plans these sly organizations make, the destiny always overrules these plans. No matter how formidable the deep, insidious powers may seem, God’s plan will always prevail. Therefore, it is important to keep this fact in mind as we go through in detail the plans of the British deep state. Almighty God explains in a verse:

Or do they desire to dupe you? But the duped ones are those who are unbelievers. Or do they have some god other than God? Glory be to God above any idol they propose! (Qur’an, 52:42-43)

idd en 031 Fil The Rise of the Deep Mafia Structuring
The elephant has always been an important symbol of the British deep state and was extensively used in stamps of the colonies to represent the British monarchy.

In this book, we are going to reveal all the sly activities of the British deep state, along with relevant evidence and documents. Examples from the past and the modern day will help shed light on the breadth of this deep organization.

It should be remembered that the main reason behind the birth of the British deep state and its horrendous worldwide activities has always been the illusion of racial superiority that the members of the British deep state have entertained. This clique has been convinced that their race is superior and the entire world should serve them and all the world’s states and systems should be under British control. Particularly Darwinism, which set the stage for the horrible disasters that took place around the world in the last century, has been the biggest fraud of the masses the British deep state devised to build the said infrastructure.

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