An Empire Falls

By 1683, the Ottoman Empire had reached the zenith of its power with a vast territory that stretched for 24 million square kilometers. People in different corners of the world were happily living under the Ottoman rule that was based in Istanbul, which was at the time the center of the Caliphate.

They were speaking different languages, practicing different faiths and belonged to different ethnicities, but maintained a harmonious co-existence. However, the British deep state wasn’t comfortable with this picture. The Ottoman Empire’s impressive dominion around the world – and more importantly, its status as the representative of the Islamic community – wasn’t something it was willing to accept.

When the Ottoman’s stagnation period started, the British deep state took action. As a matter of fact, it was the British deep state that prepared the stages leading up to this point. With a series of strategic maneuvers, it managed to seize control of the Empire. In the end, the Ottoman Empire lost not only its vast territory but also, to a large extent, its religious and spiritual values. In a way, the British deep state applied its strategy of ‘creating degenerated societies’ to the Ottoman Empire and step-by-step led the Empire to its ruin.

It is important to carefully examine the reasons behind the fall of the Ottomans, because only then will the involvement of the British deep state become visible and the steps that led to the Ottoman collapse be truly understood. It will also show how a religious society was turned materialist and how a dajjali movement brought upon destruction through the use of hypocrites.

Now let’s see what led the Ottoman Empire to its end:

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