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Turks in the British Deep State Documents

In the final section of this part on the reasons that led to the fall of the Ottoman Empire, readers will see some of the quotes documented by researcher Erol Ulubelen in his book İngiliz Gizli Belgelerinde Türkiye (Turkey in the Secret British Documents). The remarks of certain British politicians, soldiers and statesmen controlled by the British deep state clearly show that similar sinister plots are still underway. (The noble Turkish nation is above such remarks)

British would treat anti-Turk Christians kindly and say all whips to beat the Turkish dog would be good.175

US President Wilson: Having studied the question of the Turks in Europe for a long time, it is my opinion that they ought to be cleared out of Constantinople …176

Lord Curzon: Turks must be thrown out of Europe. As the American Senator Lodge said, Constantinople should be totally taken from Turks, this nest of pestilence, creator of wars and blasphemy for neighbors, should be wiped off from Europe.177

Lloyd George: Turks have betrayed us. We have lost thousands of people in Gallipoli. Who cares that Turks die now?178

idd 341 EskiIstanbulMesireYeri Turks in the British Deep State Documents

The British Deep State Plans to Dismember the Ottoman Empire

Various British diplomats’ and politicians’ views and suggestions to dismember the Ottoman Empire in the documents of the British deep state can be found below:

Mr. Marling: The concessions to be made to the Albanians, they say, must eventually be made not only to the other Balkan provinces but also to the Arabs, Kurds, Armenians and other nationalities, a policy which must entail the dismemberment of the Empire.179

G. Buchanan: Entire Turkish-controlled Europe should belong to the Christians… The issue of Crete should be solved in favor of Greece.180

Lord Kitchener: Turkish collapse seems to be complete… Everything that Turks claim to be theirs in Sudan must pass to Britain.181

A. Nicolson: …The British … held that the only way to avoid a repetition of the Cretan question was for Greece to hold all the Islands other than Tenedos and Imbros….182

Mr. Erskine: …unless they can destroy the Turkish fleet the position in the future will be much the same as now. Admiral Kerr tells me in confidence that some time ago he submitted a rather bold plan of action, which he thought offered good prospects of success…183

A meeting in the British Foreign Office: …Conclusion: Financial matters can never be entrusted to Turks. Also, Turks will pay all occupation expenses and the price for the collected commissions… Senior Litti said: ‘Turks will want Izmir, and we’ll say ‘pay us all that we spent for occupation. Since they are not going to do that, we’ll keep Izmir.’ Then Lloyd George said, ‘our units in Syria will leave, so are we going to pay for it? How nonsensical is that? Turks should pay all of it. British taxpayers paid 750 million sterling for that. We’ll get it back from the Turks in gold coins. We have to gain control of the gold stocks of Turks.’… Mr. Cambon said ‘we should first destroy their patriotic leaders.’… Lloyd George said: ‘We’ll tell the Sultan [Vahdettin], we’re getting all the flesh, you can keep the bones’.184

idd en 351 EskiIstanbul Turks in the British Deep State Documents
A Greek woman from Istanbul in 1902

The answer to the Turkish government: We carefully examined the message of the Turkish government. Turks, … by entering the war, caused casualties and poverty… They caused the deaths of millions of people and loss of billions of sterling. Turkey has to pay a very big price so that freedom in the world can be rebuilt… Non-Turk ethnic groups will become independent states. Izmir and Thrace will be taken from Turks and a free Armenia will be set up within the borders determined by the US President [W. Wilson]… Strict measures will be taken to ensure that Turks don’t betray the civilized world again. For this reason, Turkish lands will be turned into a small state… Imperialist desires of the Turkish people will be erased.

As to the autonomy of the Straits:

1. All military facilities along the Straits will be demolished and all coasts and islands will be arms-free.

2. Disarmament costs will be borne by Turks or Greeks.

3.No soldiers other than Allied soldiers can be present on the islands.

Turkish gendarme will report to us and all debts of the Turks will be paid by the Turks. If you don’t sign the treaty, you will be driven out of Europe for sure. We are giving you ten days for your perusal.185

idd 345 KurtulusSavasi Turks in the British Deep State Documents
1. 2. Heroic Turkish people carrying supplies to the battlefield
3. Eastern Front during the Turkish War of Independence

The British Deep State and the Armenian Riots

Official and classified British documents reveal a great deal about the thoughts of British politicians on Armenian riots:

Mr. O’Beirne: The Armenian riot is the best way to declare war against the Turks… German armies being on the side of the Turks will strengthen the triple treaty, lead to these reforms and will be followed by an Armenian uprising.186

E. Grey: …Breaking off six provinces for a united Armenia will make other ethnicities in Asian Turkey to follow suit.187

Harbord: …We travelled all regions from Istanbul to Mardin…. We haven’t seen any indication that Turks wanted to kill the Armenians… Three months ago, we heard that all Armenians were slaughtered down to the last man. But none of it was actually true. The French wanted to make Ottoman a French mandate, and to this end, they felt they had to make the world suspicious of the Turks.188

Mr. Kitson: …I have no doubts about the will of Armenians about killing their Muslim neighbours. Armed Armenian Dashnak gangs are working with extraordinary savagery.… Although we don’t trust them, it is in our interests to use the Kurds. As to the Eastern provinces, we cannot separate those regions and make them Kurdistan and Armenia without fighting the Turks first.189

London Conference: …Trabzon and Adana should also be given to Armenia, in addition to those six provinces. The US will help Armenia… Some people say “There is not even one Armenian in Trabzon. So isn’t it ridiculous to have an Armenia without Armenians?”… A small Turkish state should be set up, the capitulations can be extended to cover jurisprudence as well. We had to lift the capitulations in Japan, because they were strong. We had no other option. Turkish mind was far less precise than the Japanese.190 [Noble Turkish nation is above such statements.]

A meeting in the British Foreign Office: … Lloyd George: ‘We have to drive Turks out of Istanbul’… Mr. Cambon: ‘Mustafa Kemal Pasha is the source of all problems and the Sultan has a hard time keeping him in check’…. 1/3 of the French groups are French soldiers and the rest is indigenous Armenians… If our commissioner in Istanbul cannot prevent these, he should threaten the Sultan by saying ‘otherwise we’ll kick you out of Istanbul’. If at the time, when Erzurum was supposed to be taken by the new Armenian State, Mustafa Kemal wasn’t around, the Armenians could have a chance… Mustafa Kemal’s troops are not paid, it is their love for their country that drives them.191

A British report: Ardahan, Batum and İmer valley will be given. Armenian borders with Kurdistan and Turkey will be as follows: Yanbati River in Blacksea … Western border of Erzurum, Bitlis river.192

San Remo Conference: …The borders of Turkey: Erzurum will be given to Armenians and thus the Great Armenian State theory will become true. Italian Nitti, ‘…Since Turks are the majority in Erzurum, we have to find a way to kick them out. Lately Erzurum has been the center of the nationalist movement.’ Mr. Berthelot, ‘Mustafa Kemal and his forces can be eliminated through bribery or by other means’… Mr. Aharonian said, “Mustafa Kemal’s army is much smaller than you think and is undisciplined.”193 [Noble Turkish nation is above such statements.]

Lord Curzon (regarding his meeting with Boghos Nubar and Avetis Aharonian in London, April 11 1920): I scolded them for their stupid actions. I explained [to] them the stupidity of wasting on the Azerbaijanis, the weapons that we gave them to use on the Turks.194

Admiral F. de Robeck: I have talked to Mr Khatissian. He informed me that, they received 25,000 rifles, Armenian army has 30,000 Russian made rifles and one million bullets. When the Greek advance starts, Armenians will instantly join the attack.195

idd 347 KurtulusSavasi AtaturkKocatepede Turks in the British Deep State Documents
Turkish War of Independence, under Mustafa Kemal Atatürk’s leadership, was an epic story of heroism that unfolded before the eyes of the world.
idd en 355 KurtulusSavasi Turks in the British Deep State Documents

The British Deep State and the Turkish War of Independence

Classified British documents contain the following statements about the Turkish War of Independence:

British Foreign Policy Documents: 1919-1939

Turks think that it is only the Greek invasion they are facing, and are getting ready to fight them. But Greeks are only a part of the allied plan.196

Let’s not stir the Turks, and let’s make them feel that the war is over… Greeks and Italians are deciding where they will occupy… We have to make Turks think that this is going to stop.197

Admiral F. de Robeck: … Sultan asked the British authorities to stop the nationalists by using force. … The Grand Vizier and the Minister of Internal Affairs accept the severity of the situation and ask an Allied permission to suppress the insurgency… Grand Vizier Ferid Pasha’s government declared war on the nationalists and decided that nationalists cannot be reasoned with… Although the British played the main role in the fight against the Turks, Britain is in a better position today in Turkish newspapers and even in nationalist papers.198

A speech on American radio: …Mustafa Kemal told me: ‘Our government was weakened through foreign plots and interventions. It is a lie that the nationalists received aid from the British and the French. British capital is destroying Turkey. We know that Adil Bey, the former President of the Society of the Friends of England, who is now in England, received 200,000 sterling, while Konya governor got 150,000 sterling and possibly Ankara governor got a similar amount, as well.’199

Mr. Ryan’s report: … Since the nationalist forces [in Turkey] were getting stronger, it was requested that a government force of 40,000 troops be used against the nationalists. Grand Vizier immediately accepted this request.200

idd en 356 Canakkale Turks in the British Deep State Documents
idd en 357 Canakkale1 Turks in the British Deep State Documents
idd en 357 Canakkale2 Turks in the British Deep State Documents
idd en 357 Canakkale3 Turks in the British Deep State Documents
Turkish heroes at the War of Independence are praying at the front.
God gave a glorious victory to this pious army.

During the meeting in Villa Belle: … Lloyd George said ‘Mustafa Kemal’s success might rub on the Arabs, for this reason he definitely has to be crushed… We improved Greek’s fight abilities, and diminished Turks.201 [Noble Turkish nation is above such statements.]

During the meeting in Villa Franeuse: … Istanbul administration can help us suppress the Turkish nationalist movement, which is a threat not only to us, but for the entire world…We cannot show any mercy to Turks that caused the war to last for two years. Mr. Venizelos said, ‘If there was a possibility, we could use something other than guns against Turks, but Turks won’t understand anything other than guns.’202

Admiral F. de Robeck: … All the Anatolian movements belong to Mustafa Kemal’s nationalist movement. Damad Ferid wishes to send troops to stop the nationalist movement… Only Turks don’t respect the decisions we made.203

Admiral F. de Robeck: … Turks won’t accept to be ruled by Greeks, especially after the disgrace Greeks caused in Izmir… British officers and our people are cooperating to kill the Turks… Turks are great fighters, they have little ammunition and no transportation… Turks will have no rights in Kurdistan under the peace treaty to be signed with them. We have to be sure of the situation with regards to Kurdistan. Even Kurds don’t know what they want… Erzurum is one of the most powerful fortresses of Turks, they won’t accept that a big Turkish land is given to Armenians… British Empire has seized all the lands that once belonged to the Turkish Empire.204

Admiral F. de Robeck: … The reason for the Anatolian movement is the Greek invasion and their horrible actions. The foundation of the great Armenia and Pontus states also contributed to it.205

Admiral F. de Robeck: … We received a letter from the Prime Minister [grand vizier] condemning Mustafa Kemal. He declares them as rebels that defy the orders of the government and says that people should be loyal to the government, instead.206

Admiral F. de Robeck: … Damad Ferid [grand vizier] is worried about his personal security and the security of his people. Would you allow me to say to him that should the nationalists take over the administration in Turkey, his life and the Sultan’s life will be under our protection? Ferid claims that he is the only person that can influence the Sultan and that he created the pro-British stance. If Damad Ferid resigns, we must guarantee that he and the Sultan can leave the country in a dignified manner. … If the Sultan steps down, I will help him leave Turkey.207

H. Rumbolt: … the British Vice-Consul reported that lack of discipline in army is beginning to be admitted even by Greek G.H.Q. Kondylis, Officer Commanding Third Regiment, was mobbed by troops at Salihli and only escaped by hiding under coal in tender of train. It seems that the Greeks won’t be able to pull this off by themselves.208

Kurdistan Plan of the British Deep State

Confidential British documents reveal the British deep state plans to break up the Turkish territory and build a Kurdistan in its place:

Admiral A. Calthorpe: … Major Noel says that if he can reach an agreement with Kurdish chiefs, that will be useful. (Sayyid) Abdülkadir and Bedir Khan, the Kurdish chiefs in Istanbul, are less important people. They will go to Kurdish regions separately from Noel, so as to not rouse suspicion… Kurds haven’t yet risen up against Mustafa Kemal but Noel is sure that he can make it happen.209

idd en 359 HayaliKurdistanHaritasi Turks in the British Deep State Documents
1. Turkey
2. Armenia
3. Azerbaijan
4. Iran
5. Syria
6. Iraq
The British deep state has always had its eyes on Turkish lands and carried out many sinister plots to tear away Southeastern Anatolia in particular. However, they failed to appreciate the bravery of the Turkish nation that fought an epic fight like the Turkish War of Independence. We will never allow a Stalinist Kurdistan to happen

Mr. Hohler: … My problem is KURDS. Noel came here from Baghdad… He wishes to be the prophet of the Kurds… I am afraid Noel may turn out a Kurdish Lawrence.’. Since Mesopotamia is going to belong to us now, we can make him found a KURDISH STATE and defend the northern mountains. I spoke to (Sayyid) Abdülkadir and the likes of him. I made it as clear as words five times repeated can make things clear that we were not out for intrigues against the Turks, and that I could promise nothing whatsoever as regards the future of Kurdistan. [The Kurds] are like a rainbow of every shade of colour. Since the aim of her Majesty’s government is weakening the Turks as much as possible, it is not a bad idea to mobilize Kurds like this.210

Admiral Webb: Kurdish nationalists were probably aware by spring 1919 that the Allies were thinking of partitioning eastern Anatolia between an Armenian state in the vilayets of Erzerum and Trabzon under American auspices, and a Kurdish state in the remaining four vilayets of Bitlis, Van, Diyarbakir and Elazig, presumably under British auspices. The prime minister was very impressed with the idea…211

Mr. Hohler: … I don’t care about the situation of the KURDS AND ARMENIANS. We pay attention to the Kurdish problem only because of Mesopotamia. On the other hand, Wilson is scaring me, his agents are always making mistakes. But he [Noel] is another fanatic … I agree with you that the BORDERS OF ARMENIA AND KURDISTAN ARE NOT DEFINITE. KURDISH PROBLEM exists to create a satisfactory border in Mesopotamia… 212

idd en 361 EskiIstanbul Turks in the British Deep State Documents
The Ottoman Empire was a safe haven for various ethnic groups like Turks, Kurds, Circassians, Arabs among others for 600 years. These communities harmoniously co-existed for centuries.

Admiral F. de Robeck: … Mr. Hohler talked to Kurdish leader Sheikh Said Abdülkadir Pasha for the Kurdish problem. Kurds have pinned their hopes on the British. In the meantime, Mustafa Kemal is getting more dangerous. Forces are ready to spend whatever is necessary to use the Kurds against Mustafa Kemal.213

Meeting notes: … Kurdish tribes will be placed under British and French protection, NO TURK will be left at all in KURDISTAN. It will be decided if it is going to be a SINGLE KURDISH STATE or multiple small KURDISH STATES. Weapons will be supplied to Armenians via Americans… A secret organization was set up in Istanbul and is declaring nationalists traitors…214

Admiral F. de Robeck: … Kurdistan must detach from Turkey completely and gain autonomy. We can reconcile the Kurdish and Armenian interests. Sayyid Abdülkadir, the head of the Kurdish club in Istanbul and Şerif Pasha, the Kurdish delegate in Paris, are at your service.215

Admiral F. de Robeck: … [Grand Vizier] Damad Ferid came to me and said, ‘According to the peace treaty, Kurds will have their separate state. Kurdish leaders don’t like Mustafa Kemal. You hate Mustafa Kemal because he doesn’t accept the treaty you prepared. Then let’s all together, mobilize Kurds against Mustafa Kemal.’216

idd 353 Tablo EskiIstanbul SultanAhmetCamii Meydani Turks in the British Deep State Documents


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